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Samuel Ríos y Valles - Los Días Que No Estuve
Feature Film
Los Días Que No Estuve - Samuel Ríos y Valles
A famous television conductor, going through a mid life crisis, decides to fake his death, and being a new renovated free life, until his daughter, who he abandoned, decides to take a vacation on the same exiled beach where he remains hidden.
MIA (2022) forma parte de la Sección de Cortometraje Mexicano de Ficción del #20FICM. Una niña de seis años es llevada a un misterioso viaje por carretera, su actitud inocente hace que el viaje sea entretenido a pesar de la tensión subyacente. Hasta que al final descubrimos que se dirige a trabajar en el campo, una realidad vivida por 3.3 millones de niños mexicanos. Como epílogo, vemos imágenes del documental “Los Herederos” dirigido por Eugenio Polgovsky, que muestra esta realidad mexicana de una manera profunda y poética.
Rafa Martínez - El Piedra
El Piedra - Rafa Martínez
“El Piedra” Salgado, an experienced boxer who is finishing his career as a prominent and renowned fighter while he must deal with the arrival of Breyder, a young boy who claims to be his son.
Luis Kuri - Peter and the wolf
Television series
Peter and the wolf - Luis Kuri
This is the story of Peter and the wolf. Antonio is a journalist who seeks to leave his jobt and does not care what he has to do to achieve it, until he exceeds all limits. Meanwhile the police investigate the murder of a prostitute. What is true, what is a lie?
Karina Minujin - 1989
FEATURE FILM (Pre-production)
1989 - Karina Minujin
Buenos Aires, April 1989. The Stalinist regime in Romania has reached its toughest time, now turned into a police state due to the high level of dissatisfaction and poverty. Simultaneously, Argentina is ending it first democratic government, after years of dictatorship but going through a deep economic crisis, hyperinflation striking. The social atmosphere is turbulent. This context forces Julia, still a teenager, to start working at Mr. Hinch’s home, thus contributing to heal the financial decadence her grandmother and her are suffering from. Julia is peculiar. Her beauty is special; her face looks like and antique porcelain doll, but her clothes reflects kind of a punk posture shared by many teenagers in Buenos Aires, full of freedom but with no purpose or sense of future, living the moment with euphoria. She was born in Buenos Aires but speaks Romanian as she was raised by his Romanian gran parents, though she tries to hide her origin and does not like to speak the languge. Hinich is a Romanian writer gone into hiding from Ceaucescu´s regime, secretly sheltered in Buenos Aires. The Securitate, Romanian´s secret police thinks he is dead, but that will not last. He is a quiet, reserved man, quite appealing due to the mystery around him and his deeply sad eyes. He only speaks Romanian, and doesn’t seem too eager to learn Spanish. Valmir, Hinich´s friend since childhood is part of the Romanian resistance and has been living in Buenos Aires for more than 20 years and takes care of everything related to Hinich´s hiding. Also due to his international connections, he manages to arrange that Hinich keeps publishing articles in Europe that have the impact of missiles for Ceausescu. Julia starts working at Hinich’s, to translate everything he needs and help him with daily matters. From day one, the comfort of the silence between them makes her feel good, despite the odd and mysterious atmosphere, which, far from frightening her, awakens her curiosity. She is completely banned from going into his studio, where he spends the day typewriting, leaving the door half-open, and letting the ongoing typing sound out to invade the rest of the house. The typewriter is almost like the house’s breathing cycle. Despite the odd and mysterious atmosphere, an unexpected connection grows between them. They can almost touch each other’s loneliness and pain. Julia lives with her grandmother, her only relative. Her grandmother gets ill and needs delicate care, which Julia cannot provide on her own, so the grandmother moves to the countryside to live with her sister. Julia stays in a student shelter to finish her school but the loneliness in the middle of the city getting more and more violent every day, affects her and ask Hinich for shelter Julia´s curiosity grows stronger. She wants to know what is he hiding, what is he writing leading her to make some mistakes with unexpected consequences. Finally, she discovers his real identity unleashing and unknown side of him that shows an unsuspected violent angle that will leave her in a desperate situation. The chaos she unravels put them both in great danger. They escape from the city and hide in the small town, far away, where Julia´s grandmother is in hospital, giving her the chance to say goodbye. Julia feels she is alone in the world, a feeling she has in common with Hinich They escape, they travel, they lose themselves in the anonymity until reality strikes back and bring them back to Buenos Aires. They get too closed and everything explode for both of them as well as the political context of both countries. Their encounter will transform them but also will put them both in great danger.
Luis Kuri - OMG!
Television series [Pre-Production]
OMG! - Luis Kuri
After 2019 years, the most powerful man in the world, God, decides to terminate humanity without knowing that the same day he gives out the order, he accidentally falls in love with a young stubborn Mexican woman with a large family, now blindly in love God will have to learn to be human and balance between his two families, work, while living the normality of caos of the end of the world.
Samuel Ríos y Valles - Los Detalles Olvidados
Short film
Los Detalles Olvidados - Samuel Ríos y Valles
When Carlos, who just lost his best friend approaches the casket to say a few last words, discovers that Mateo wakes up and also has some things unsaid, but the dead man's confession goes beyond a mere detail. Did Carlos must forgive Mateo just because is dead?
Luis Kuri - En la línea de fuego
Television series
En la línea de fuego - Luis Kuri
En la línea de fuego
Miguel Ángel Liendo - Resistencia
Short Film
Resistencia - Miguel Ángel Liendo
A tribute to all heroes from Venezuela
Samuel Ríos y Valles - No me mandes a mi
Short film
No me mandes a mi - Samuel Ríos y Valles
One Sunday morning, driving on an empty street, Sergio finds a briefcase on the floor, alone, without any I.D. and full of money. He thinks it's his lucky day. Three days later he finds an anonymous threatening note in his house asking for the money back and with specific instructions for the deliver. We discover that Sergio has been part of an specific plan to collect an amount of money for someone else.