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Samuel - Los Días Que No Estuve
Feature Film
Los Días Que No Estuve - Samuel Ríos y Valles
A famous television conductor, going through a mid life crisis, decides to fake his death, and being a new renovated free life, until his daughter, who he abandoned, decides to take a vacation on the same exiled beach where he remains hidden.
Rafa - El Piedra
El Piedra - Rafa Martínez
“El Piedra” Salgado, an experienced boxer who is finishing his career as a prominent and renowned fighter while he must deal with the arrival of Breyder, a young boy who claims to be his son.
Luis - Peter and the wolf
Television series
Peter and the wolf - Luis Kuri
This is the story of Peter and the wolf. Antonio is a journalist who seeks to leave his jobt and does not care what he has to do to achieve it, until he exceeds all limits. Meanwhile the police investigate the murder of a prostitute. What is true, what is a lie?
Karina - Julia Privada
FEATURE FILM (Pre-production)
Julia Privada - Karina Minujin
Buenos Aires, 1989. While Rumania and Argentina live respectively an institucional and economic crisis, a young peculiar naive Romanian Argentinian Julia works under the department of Mr. Hinich, an exile Rumanian writer hiding in Buenos Aires. Even though the strange context by which they are surrounded, the intrigue and nostalgia being to unite them ever so uncovering the true identity of Hinich bringing unimaginable consequences for the both. “Private Julia is the encounter of two old souls, she is 17 and he is 48”.
Luis - OMG!
Television series [Pre-Production]
OMG! - Luis Kuri
After 2019 years, the most powerful man in the world, God, decides to terminate humanity without knowing that the same day he gives out the order, he accidentally falls in love with a young stubborn Mexican woman with a large family, now blindly in love God will have to learn to be human and balance between his two families, work, while living the normality of caos of the end of the world.
Samuel - Los Detalles Olvidados
Short film
Los Detalles Olvidados - Samuel Ríos y Valles
When Carlos, who just lost his best friend approaches the casket to say a few last words, discovers that Mateo wakes up and also has some things unsaid, but the dead man's confession goes beyond a mere detail. Did Carlos must forgive Mateo just because is dead?
Luis - En la línea de fuego
Television series
En la línea de fuego - Luis Kuri
En la línea de fuego
Miguel Ángel - Resistencia
Short Film
Resistencia - Miguel Ángel Liendo
A tribute to all heroes from Venezuela
Samuel - No me mandes a mi
Short film
No me mandes a mi - Samuel Ríos y Valles
One Sunday morning, driving on an empty street, Sergio finds a briefcase on the floor, alone, without any I.D. and full of money. He thinks it's his lucky day. Three days later he finds an anonymous threatening note in his house asking for the money back and with specific instructions for the deliver. We discover that Sergio has been part of an specific plan to collect an amount of money for someone else.