Samuel Ríos y Valles


Samuel has two passions, aesthetics and directing actors. He has training as a designer, which makes him take care of composition, color palette and lighting in each frame, always looking for an impeccable aesthetic. He loves to tell stories in just one frame. He has a very deep preparation to directing actors, he has studied improvisation, rehersal techniques and even acting and Meisner technique, but he has also studied screenwriting, film production and theater production. This has given him great versatility when carrying out his projects. He is one of the few directors in Mexico doing films for advertising and cinema. He has made hundreds of commercials for the best brands such as Ford, Canon, Nestle, AT&T and Coca Cola among many others. For cinema he has written and directed the feature film “The days I lost” and the short films “Don´t make me go” and “The forgotten details”. He is founder of Mastodonte films in Mexico. Samuel is a director with the instinct to take projects to their best level.