Nahuel Lerena


Nahuel born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Visual arts and music have been part of his life, even before birth. Among the multiple influences, was his grandfather Lucas Demare, the renowned director, who was arguably the strongest reference for spark of his love and passion about cinema. He began his career as a young independent director, making more than 200 music videos, he worked with Argentinian and international artists, with he achieved 2 (two) MTV Video Music Awards. He kept evolving, and more important recognitions came, like "CADS" Awards in London, "40 Principales" in Spain, "Tu Música" in Puerto Rico, Rolling Stone Award, Diario Clarín in Argentina. He was also nominated for the Latin Grammys, MTV Latin, and the Carlos Gardel Awards for 8 consecutive years. At the same time, he focused on his professional growth, deepened his studies on painting, film script and directing actors. Years later he expanded his horizons, and moved to Madrid, in Spain he made Fashion Films for ELLE magazine, musical documentaries and several "Primera Fila" concerts for SONY Music Latin. Today he lives, works and enjoys Mexico City, besides of his artistic career he works as director for commercials, with brands like, Netflix, Mastercard, Nestlé, Hisense, Barcel, Bimbo, Mega Cable, Banorte, among others. Nahuel is passionate about his work in the advertisement arena, from the director work itself to the interaction with agencies and creatives. On the other side of the same coin, he's is working in a cinema fiction series, completely new, which will be set in Mexico City, this work is in the final stages.