Albert Grabuleda


Born in Barcelona (Spain), I started in this industry as an actor in movies, and tv commercials but always stuck to my notebook to give rein to my authentic passion, to create stories that later give life as a filmmaker. After a brief passage through the direction of short films, I was attracted by the direction of commercials, by its ability to concentrate in a very short time the complete essence of a whole narrative. Almost ten years of experience as an actor, has made me understand very well what it feels like to be in front of a camera and therefore how to work with them. I am fascinated by unusual stories, to delve into the depths of human idiosyncrasy and to expose it in a simple way, like life itself. I always try to make sure that my work is full of details, magical moments, and steal them as if their protagonists were not aware of my presence, always keeping that point of reality, however unusual it may be. I really want to face new challenges, meet new teams, and work in different parts of the world. Loving the variety I think is the best way to grow together on each shooting